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Staking Data

Did you know the Staking Rewards API covers over 60 Assets and 100s of Providers?

Introducing the Staking Rewards Staking Data API

Our API offers you previously unavailable access to accurate and up-to-date staking data covering a vast spectrum of the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem, with a focus on:

  • The Top Proof of Stake Blockchains
  • The Most Innovative Protocols
  • The Best Staking Providers

The API empowers you to:

  • Uncover insights into the staking flow of different protocols, previously hidden or hard to deduce
  • Gauge the demand for specific providers, enabling smarter decision-making
  • Model the impact of staking dynamics on price movements

All this and more, to offer you the tools to be at the forefront of staking intelligence.

Powered by GraphQL, our API's flexible schema allows developers to specify the exact data they need, making it easy to integrate into their applications.

Ready to Start?

Our Quick Start Guide will have you querying Staking Data in 10 minutes or less.

Page Overview

API Reference

In this section, you will find our Schema and information on how to make queries using the API, including simple object queries, nested object queries, aggregation queries, and more. You will also find information on how to filter and sort query results, and how to use multiple arguments in a single request.


In this section, you will find a full list of the metrics available through the API, as well as a description of the methodology used to calculate each metric. This information will help you understand the data provided by the API and how it can be used in your application.


Within the Troubleshooting section you can see a list of common error codes and what they mean as well as browse Frequently Asked Questions that can help you overcome common issues.


The Resources section contains useful information and links to additional resources for developers working with the API.

Need Further Assistance?

If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with us on Discord.